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Aspen's Ten Year Anniversary kicks off with the debut of LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN!

Meet the Arashi family. They are like any other family living in the city: kids in school, parents working to make ends meet. But unbeknownst to even them, their ancestors held a dark secret: they were a clan of ninja in feudal Japan, in the employ of a prominent leader. But when that leader was murdered under mysterious circumstances, the Arashi Clan was blamed, and forced to flee, going into hiding. Over the centuries, the descendants lost track of the ancient ways. They came to America, abandoning their sordid past to distant memory. However, recently, their secret has been discovered--their ancient enemy has returned, and won't rest until every member of the Arashi clan is killed. Now, the Arashi family must rediscover their long-forgotten birthright if they hope to have any chance of surviving the onslaught to come, and along the way, they will learn the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN.

Writer David Wohl is joined by the artistic talents of Cory Smith and colorist John Starr, as they bring to you the thrilling new adventures of the LEGEND OF THE SHADOWCLAN!

Note: This issue has 6 (A-F) covers and 20 Retailer Exclusive covers.

List of covers and their creators:

  • A - Direct Edition - Cory Smith & John Starr
  • B - Special Reserved Edition - Cory Smith & Peter Steigerwald
  • C - Original Sketch Edition
  • D - Retailer Exclusive Edition - Cory Smith & Peter Steigerwald
  • E - 10th Anniversary Edition
  • F - Amazing Arizona Comic Con Exclusive Limited Edition of 200 - Mike DeBalfo & Peter Steigerwald

List of Retailer Exclusive Editions and their creators:

  1. Rupps Comics
  2. Lone Star Comics
  3. Samurai Comics
  4. Wade's Comic Madness
  5. Top 5 Comics
  6. Ghost Ship Comics
  7. WV Pop Con - Comic Paradise
  8. The Source Comics & Games
  9. Comickaze Comics
  10. Heroes & Fantasies
  11. Warp 9 Comics
  12. Borderlands Comics and Games
  13. Stadium Comics
  14. Reader Copies
  15. Seann's Anime & Comics
  16. Cleveland Comics
  17. Rogue Comics & Collectibles
  18. Creative Comics
  19. Captain Chuck's Comics
  20. Heroes & Fantasies (2)







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