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With Deathstroke looking to rebuild his assassination reputation, his contract handler sets him up on a mission with three young would be assassins. After the conclusion to the mission, Deathstroke kills the three young team members, seeing them as "competition." The family of one of the team members, April, set out to avenge their daughter, by creating an identity of an assassin, wearing their daughters favorite colors, to keep being sent after Deathstroke's life until he is killed.


Legacy was created by Deathstroke writer Kyle Higgins with art by Joe Bennet.

Major Story Arcs

While on a mission, Deathstroke comes across the first assassin to take up the name Legacy. The two fight, and Deathstroke eventually easily kills his attacker. Later, Deathstroke is sent on another mission to kill an arms inventor. During his attack, he is intercepted by another assassin named Legacy, similar in appearance to the first one Deathstroke killed. During their fight, this Legacy speaks to Deathstroke about consequences and how every action has them, but he's eventually overpowered by Deathstroke, and once again, Legacy is killed. With the death of the second assassin, Legacy's clients, the parents of a young mercenary who Deathstroke had previously killed, have hired a third assassin to wear the identity of Legacy. This new assassin seems very confident in his ability to take down Deathstroke, and the family seems to have think they've found the man to kill their daughter's murderer.


Legacy I was an amateur swordsman who Deathstroke easily overpowered. Slade initially suspected he was just trying to make a name for himself.

Legacy II a much more impressive foe, was tall, muscular and equipped with a mechanical device on his right hand endowed with metallic tentacles and a pincer. He also had a more elaborated suit, with spiked helmet and a giant shoulder pad. Slightly better than his predecessor, he was still eliminated once Deathstroke's had a hold on a steel boomerang which he used to decapitate the adversary and cutting off one of his arms. Slade joked that the giant must had been the seeking-revenge brother of Legacy I.

Legacy III is a confident individual who claims to have special "talents" that the other Legacy lacked. Turns out he's a meta-human with a "classic" power set, with flight and super-strength. His costume too reflect this abilities, with a big green cape that makes him look like a superhero.

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