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Zelandria is a patchwork world of magical lands and technologically laden cities, where age-old myths collide with futuristic wonders and mystical creatures dwell among ordinary men. It's a place where power is contingent on nobility and feudalistic hierarchies govern widespread provinces, and it is here that the seeds of legend are sown and the paths of heroes are paved. It is here where a Legacy will be born.  As the war between Lord Eridan's Shadow Sentry and the withering rebel clans spill into the Southern Provinces, his quest to complete the Scepter of the Mindseye is nearing. With the Scepter, Eridan will resurrect the Shriekers, a race of savages that once held Zelandria in the wake of their madness. Zelandria's only hope is Lucian, a scorned prince who has returned from years of solitude to reclaim his kingdom and avenge his father's murder.


On a summer day of perfection, their was a secret moving towards a sleepy city. And without warning a war breaks out onto the unsuspecting city. Air fighters swarm the area moving around like a swarm of bees. These air men were mere puppets governed by a force that swelled with evil and unnatural power. As a small force of them land on an air ship they attack with no remorse. Their grunts and war cries sounded with distinguishable malice. The air ship was truly hopelessly lost. But lo-behold a single fighter with such evil that his name alone struck fear into the hearts of all...Avarious. His eyes cold and lifeless, devoid of empathy. He struck down everyone who stood in his path, women, men, and even children. All lay slain on the ship. He was only opposed with great valliant effort by a man named Mathius, my father. The battle was long and fierce, but alas my father died protecting me, Lucian, from Avarious's wrath. I stand there petrified and covered in my parents blood...then, I black out.

Shot up, and awoke to find it only a dark dream. This dream is but a cruel reminder of my guilt and something that I must face. I walk out side to the temple where my master is meditating. He asks me about my dream, all I can do is say that they seem too real.

The master leads him into a room and hands him, Lucius, his father's sword..and a glowing orb that only in time will he figure out what it is. Lucius takes these gifts and heads out into the the world towards Sorrow's keep. The former capitol of Zelandria, and is now the stronghold of Lord Bridan's Empire. It now stands as a brooding monument of obscurity and looms over the once pristine lands like a poisoned omen. Any part of Cherub palace, the Erstwhile Capitol that was there mow lies under a statum of rubble and smoldering ash. But only here are the desires of a madman can be soothingly satisfied. The king, sends his cybor-orcs after the Scepter of the Mindseye. These orc-ish creatures are all over the palace and capital. They are the mad king's guards, and enforcers. As Lucian comes closer to the capital he is stopped by a small group of them. They ask him for everything he has. Lucian shows his skills and kills them all swiftly and with out effort. After the short battle he starts to investigate what they were lugging on the back of their beast. It was a prisoner of an extraordinary size. This prisoner's name is Tyrus. They team up and head off towards Shore Mountains.

Over on the Shore Mountains, their is peace and deep religious refuge along with unwavering faith. Deep in the mountains one of the Razarian leaders sense a change in the spiritual realm and senses that one of the spiritual items has fallen into dark hands. Knowing this he calls upon his daughter and hands her a small trinket. And asks her to hold onto it.

...To be Continued...







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