Do you consider him an X-man ?

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i would love to see  Leech  on  the main xmen team  however  i doubt  this will ever happern  what i do want to ask people is do you consider leech  an xman  even though  he hasnt been on the main named  team but has been  a member of  the morlocks, new mutants, x-factor, generation X and   the daydreamers  .... did i forget any >?>   also what is leechs age?  as  have you ever noticed  the way Leech talks  can really drastically  alternate between different series  for example  in the  198 series he was portrayed ( from my perspective) as a young adult  teen   while his last  uncanny appearances show him with a verbal level of a  5 year  old.  also do you think it would ever be possible to write leech as a well defined charcter  in a book >?

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I don't consider him an X-Man, but I do think of him as having forgotten ties to them. I think it was sweet when he recently appeared in Avengers Academy, though. Shame they made it clear that it wont be a regular occurrence.


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