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Lee Forrester grew up in a bitter way. Her alcoholic father Jock Forrester killed himself while she was still very young (it was however under the influence of the demon D'Spayre). Because of this, Lee wanted to escape the life she had, and became a sea-captain and even bought her own ship, the Arcadia. She first comes into contact with the X-man Cyclops soon after his wife Jean Grey (then known as Phoenix) had seemingly died. Because of this, Cyclops had left the X-Men and joined Lee on her ship as a sailor-man.


Lee Forrester was created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne and first appeared in Uncanny X-men 143 (1981).

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting an X-man

Lee and Cyclops

During their first cruise, a storm broke out and, because of it, their ship went off course and soon shipwrecked. Sometime later Lee and Cyclops washed up on the shores of a strange island. Because of the storm, Cyclops had lost his glasses. He therefore tried to hide his mutant powers another way. He told Lee that his eyes where infected and he had to wear a blindfold for the duration, making sure that his eyes remained closed. Eventually, Lee discovered about his mutant powers, but it didn't matter to her. While on the island, the two started to build up a good almost romantic relationship. On one such day, the two of them found a strange looking city, hidden on the island. When they entered the city, they where soon welcomed by then-time mutant terrorist Magneto, whom had used the city as his headquarters. Although Scott immediately knew whom he was dealing with (hearing his voice, since he could not see), Lee did not know of Magneto's reputation. Strangely enough, Magneto acted a perfect host and helped Lee and Cyclops get back on their feet. Lee was very kind to Magneto. Sometime later however, Magneto revealed that he knew he was dealing with Cyclops. Luckily, the X-men had found the two already and intervened Magneto's plans. The battle that ensued made Magneto take a good look at himself. He almost killed young X-girl Kitty Pryde, and noticed that he now was what he had always hated. This, and the fact that Lee, a normal human, had always been kind to him, and not afraid of him, made him realize that he might have been wrong all along. The X-men and Lee where free to go and left the island. Back in America, Lee and Cyclops parted ways.

With Magneto

Meeting Magneto again

Some years after these events, Magneto's Asteroid M was destroyed by the rocket that carried Warlock too earth. Magneto tried to keep the Asteroid togehter, but nothing seemed to work and he and his astroid fell down from the sky and into the ocean. By a chance of luck, Lee Forrester was sailing nearby when Magneto and Asteroid M came falling down. She found and saved him. Magneto stayed with Lee for some time, and the two even started a relationship. Although the relationship did not last, it had a lasting effect on Magneto into becoming a more gentler and kinder man. Lee remained with her ship when Magneto left her.


Lee had not been seen for a long time after that, until she met the X-men Cable. Cable helped out a desperate Lee, for she was stalked by a former follower to Magneto named Senyaka. This person wanted to kill Lee for the influence she had on Magneto. Cable and Lee however joined forces and managed to take out Senyaka. During this time, another fiend named D'Spayre tried to overwhelm Lee with grief over her father, whom had committed suicide when she was a young girl. She however managed to face her fears and defeat D'Spayre in the process. Lee once again bit farewell to an X-man and returned to her old life.

Some years later, she came across the X-Men again for a brief period of time when they helped her when her ship was caught in a storm.

The Savage Land

Lee Forrester was not seen for some years until the Fantastic Four received a strange distress signal. Together with the X-Men, the FF embarked on a mission to trace the signal. It turned out to be Lee Forrester, whom had become stranded in an alternate reality with her team during a space/time-mission. She had allied herself with a local tribe in what seemed like a savage land. It was a joyful occasion as Lee was reunited with Cyclops, much to the dislike of his current girlfriend Emma Frost. Both super-teams helped Lee repel an invasion of another tribe so that they where safe once more. When the FF and the X-Men managed to repair their ship, Lee decided to stay in the strange reality to safeguard things. She has not been seen since.

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