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Lee Dolan
Lee Dolan's life was perfect. A true family man with a successful restaurant and a beautiful wife and set of kids. Truly living the American dream, everything soon changed when a hacker ruined his life.  The hacker's name was Megan Dietrich, she and her friends one night found a pedophilia web-site, they then sent out a virus sending to everyone online at the moment, Lee was one of the few unlucky to be on his computer at the time. The FBI came crashing down on him for owning pedophilia or looking at it.  He was then left as a poor bar-owner with nothing to care about other than a stripper at a local strip club he frequented.

It wasn't long before Agent Graves found him, gave him irrefutable evidence that Meghan did it, as well as a gun with 100 rounds in it. Lee had become a Recipient of The Attache and it was time for decide which path he'd go down.

Deciding to go after the woman who ruined his life, she immediately told him she could fix everything for him. Genuinely thinking that she was being sincere, Megan pulled out a gun and shot him for the fool he was.

Later that night, his son and the stripper he'd had a date with clicked and became friends sharing stories of the man they once knew.  

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