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Description and History

The Leanhaun Sidhe can appear in different forms, but generally appear as an attractive woman. They have extremely powerful seductive powers, and are almost impossible for males to resist. They drink the blood of their victims. They always speak in rhymes.

In The Hero Discovered, the Umbra Sprite summoned a Leanhaun Sidhe to our plane to take care of Kevin Matchstick and his companions. She was waiting for Matchstick in his apartment. When he came in, she entranced him almost immediately. Mirth opened the door to talk to Matchstick, but saw the Leanhaun Sidhe and swiftly closed the door. He said that he had had trouble with "her kind" in the past (Mirth/Merlin was known for his weakness with women in general), and that Edsel must deal with her.

Attacks Edsel

Edsel entered and quickly knocked her off Matchstick with the Bat, but the Leanhaun Sidhe fought back and pinned her. Removing her glove to show a hairy, clawed hand, she was about to maul Edsel before Kevin grabbed her and tossed her against a wall, destroying her body and returning her to the faerie realms (in Mage, faeries can't be killed, but when their bodies are destroyed, they return to their native dimension).

Leanhaun Sidhe entrances Kevin again; Piet prepares to spur him

Another Leanhaun Sidhe tried to trick Matchstick when he was inside the Styx Casino. Wearing the form of the now-dead Edsel, and working with the Grackleflint Piet, who took on the appearance of the now-dissipated Sean Knight, they tried to trick and ensnare him.  Once again she was able to ensorcell him quickly, and they would have killed him, but at that moment Emil stabbed the Fisher King, and the resulting magical release seemed to activate the Bat and woke Kevin up. He threw her off the stairs into an infinite pit and killed Piet with the Bat, full of rage that they took on the forms of his loved ones.

In The Hero Defined, a Leanhaun Sidhe tried to seduce the Hornblower outside a bar, but he was really setting her up.  Right when he was about to catch her, the Sun Twins intervened, and she got away in the confusion.

Joe is entrapped by a Leanhaun Sidhe

Later, one takes the form of Ishtar, the sister of Isis and Magda, and seduced Joe Phat for a long period of time.  He could still walk around on his own accord, but was visibly low-energy and felt sick, and couldn't remember what had happened.  She set up a nest in his apartment and sucked on his energies before Wally Ut finally figured out what was going on and banished her.  Joe was still under her control, however, and she met up with him outside and took him to her underworld lair, where he was tied up in her webs.  Magda saw them together and realized who she was.  She tried to break into Joe's room, but Wally had put a warding spell on it.  Kevin broke the door down and found her webs, and knew they had to rescue him.  Kevin and Kirby Hero finally arrived in the underground faerie realms and freed him, but Phat's hair turned white from the experience.  Joe was so drained by the experience, Kevin had to use the power of the Bat to re-energize him and wake him up.

Powers and Abilities

A Leanhaun Sidhe can magically seduce almost any man.  Mirth stated that none of the males in their group ( Sean, Mirth, and Kevin) had any chance against her.  Only Edsel was capable of confronting her.  They can seduce their targets very quickly--within seconds.
They have a barbed tongue with which they can stab their prey, and have clawed hands.  They can spit webs from their mouth, and are very durable.  One took a hit from Kirby that he said was one of his best punches, and she was seemingly unaffected.  However, they can be dispatched with Kevin's Bat.  They have a weakness for counting: they can't resist counting small things.  To defeat the one that captured Joe, Kirby scattered small rocks all over the floor.  She felt such a compulsion to count them that she ignored her attackers.
They can change their appearance.  One changed herself to look like Edsel.  Another changed herself to look like Ishtar.  When Wally Ut confronted one in Joe Phat's room, it seems to have been wearing its natural appearance, which was as a haggard, somewhat inhuman creature.

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