Create your own League Of Extraordinary Gentleman (READ OP)

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If you created a LOEG to stop some global threat who would be in it


No orginal Comic or Manga characters

Only Novels and Movies allowed

You can use a character from any century

up to 4 to 6 members

No god level characters or Superman level

only street level

They do not have to be from the same era

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What if they're a novel character who had a comic? >.>

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@Decoy Elite said:

What if they're a novel character who had a comic? >.>

thats fine

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@slacker the hacker: Do they have to be from the same era?

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@joshmightbe said:

@slacker the hacker: Do they have to be from the same era?

ill make it easy and say no

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Harry Dresden, Dirk Gently, Bean, Sabriel, and Gold-Eye.

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@Decoy Elite said:

Harry Dresden, Dirk Gently, Bean, Sabriel, and Gold-Eye.

My Team

Sherlock Holmes

Victor Frankenstein

Roland Deschain


James Bond

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James Bond, Conan, the Doctor, Doc Savage(was originally a book), and Sherlock Holmes

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Sherlock Holmes
Captain Nemo
Claude Frollo (was an alchemist. Screw you, Disney)
Robin Hood

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Holmes (Watson can pimp along too)

Connor Macleod

Hannibal Lecter (every team needs a crazy)

Rooster Cogburn

The Three Witches (Put the whole thing in motion)

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Sherlock Holmes

Selena - underworld

David Rice - jumper

Peter Petrelli- heroes

Ethan Hunt- Mission Impossible.

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i had this idea a couple weeks ago but never made it so kudos to you

im keeping my picks of the same era, at least roughly

James Bigglesworth

Hercule Poirot

Tarzan & Jane

Indiana Jones

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I've had this idea in the back of my head since I first saw that horrible movie nearly a decade ago, as I'm sure most everyone has. It's changed (hopefully for the better) each time I randomly decide to work on it. I'm just going to post my lists for two leagues Ive come up with, may do a blog post explaining why/how these members came together

Modern (circa 2012) League

the Doctor (Dr. Who)

Marvin the Paranoid Android (HHGttG)

Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

Sam Tyler (Life on Mars)

Simon Bellamy (Misfits)

John Mitchell (Being Human)

Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, the modern day BBC Series)


'We are not the Justice League'/ 1940s American League

Hugo Danner (Gladiator, not Superman)

A descendent of Zorro (not Batman)

the Golden Amazon (Fantastic Adventure, not Wonder Woman)

An ancestor of Kimball Kinnison (not Green Lantern)

Elak of Atlantis (Thunder in the Dawn,not Aquaman)

the Shadow/a random Barsoomian (Detective Story Hour/A Prince of Mars, not Martian Manhunter)

the Rocketeer/A Pulp style expy of GA Flash (not the Flash)

This all would make more since if I went into further detail, but I could see how that would be annoying so, I'll try to put up a blog if anyone is remotely interested in how this would come about.

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I really wanted Dexter Morgan in there somewhere but in imitation of the original decided to only use characters who's television/movie careers seem to have ended.

Veronica Mars: After a promising start her FBI career floundered due to her inability to follow orders or work well with others.

Cameron: Cyberdyne Systems model unknown, after being repaired somehow after the removal of its brain it remains lonely and purposeless due to the disappearance of John Connor.

Chucky aka Charles Lee Ray: Forced to co-operate or be sent to eternal damnation in the Sunnyside Daycare centre.

James McNulty: Former Baltimore police detective.

Randi Wallace aka the She-Wolf of London: Remains racked with guilt after breaking loose during a full moon and murdering her lover Ian Matheson.

Government Handler: Mrs Dana Scully.

Under the auspices of Mr Adrian Veidt, director of the Department of Homeland Security.

Known Acquaintances: The Muppets, The Durden's Tyler and Marla, the Bay Harbour Butcher, Dawn Summers

Known Enemies: the Blair Witch, Kim Jong-il (even though he's ronely), Graboids, the Fellowship of the Sun church

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My team has no real pattern just a cool roster in my view that kind of fits with the established character traits.

Dartanian - considered the best all round musketeer but abit of a rebel ( the nemo)

Flash Gordon - be a usefull member and possible leader ( the Quatermain)

Seth Brundle ( the fly) - resident monster type character and was a genuis. ( the Hyde)

Door ( Neverwhere) usefull abilty and used to adventure ( the Murray)

Darkman- kind of simular to the look of griffin and very ysefull powerset. ( the Griffin)

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Tarzan of the Apes, Sherlock Holmes, Conan the Barbarian, John Carter, Abraham Van Helsing, Artemis Fowl.

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Van Helsing

Main character from Jumper

Main character from Push

Main character from Unbreakable

Dastan from PoP with the Dagger

Main character from Kung Fu Hustle

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I shall make an All Star team then

1. Count Dracula (Gary Oldman version)

2. The Wolfman ( Benicio del Toro version)

3. Sherlock Holmes (Benedict Cumberbatch version)

4. The Bride (Kill Bill)

5. Albus Dumbledore

6. Ash Williams (Evil Dead Trilogy)


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