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Issue #1

Enter Hyde

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is gathering it's members to save England and perhaps the world. In this issue we start with Wilhelmina Murray who finds Quatermain in a opium den and meets Captain Nemo as they leave the African Continent. Lastly, they meet Auguste Dupin in Paris, France who helps them track down Hyde.

Issue #2

The League gets two more members for team with Hawley Griffin and Edward Hyde. Neither one was really easily convinced to join however. To be honest both had to be taken down before they were even "asked" to join. Griffin had been raping woman in a school for girls and Hyde had been basically doing the same. Not to mention brutalizing and killing them.

Issue #3

A Captain's Face

The League are on the look out for the cavorite and it leads them to the mysterious Doctor Fu Manchu. The Doctor is an evil man and the team has to really be stealthy to find and retrieve it. The team puts together a mission plan. Quatermain, Griffin and Murray will infiltrate the inner layer. Meanwhile Doctor Jekyll is outside if needed.

Issue #4

The League works as a team for the first time and succeed on their very first mission together. Or at least that is what they think. There seems to be more going on they they know and if looks like Griffin is on to it.

Issue #5

The League finally discover that they have been duped by their very superiors and now it is time to make things right. It will not be easy as they have to face the likes of James Moriarty, Dr. Fu Manchu, Sebastion Moran and Campion Bond

Issue #6

Final Stand

The League faces it dramatic conclusion as Dr. Fu Manchu and James Moriarty face each other in a battle for London. The League faces the two huge forces in a simple Hot air balloon named Victoria.

Allan and the Sundered Veil

In each of the comics in this series there are about four pages dedicated to this narrative. It is done in the form of an old penny dreadful. On the cover we see John Carter, Randolph Carter, Allan Quatermain, and The Time Traveler fighting Morlocks. The actual story starts with Allan meeting Marisa and Lady Ragnall. There is a lot of set up in this section bringing the characters up to date from the novels they came from. This story is a prequel to the main story.

Allan takes a drug that takes his spirit to a strange place. While there he meets the Time Traveler, and both Carters. Meanwhile his body is being watched over by Lady Ragnall and Marisa. Allan and company are then taken to the Spinx. The Spinx is the Time Traveler's hidden hide out. As the story goes they are not safe long as the four men are attacked by a Morlock.

Randolph Carter

Allan fights off the Morlock with a monkey wrench but not before the creature tears apart the Time Machine. As the fall they are "attacked" by a creature of time and geometric shape. Allan, John and Randolph wake up from their collective nightmare. This leaves the Time Traveler all alone in a busted Time Machine. Allan wakes up in the room where he first past out seeing a lot of his future. Allan wakes from his nightmare into another one as his body is possessed by a horror so bad it scares Lady Ragnall to death.

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