Reader? as in the Leader but red?

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Interviewer: Lastly, we've seen teasers for the RED LEADER. Can you elaborate on what inspired this character and the origins?

Danial Way: That's really a tough one to answer at the moment -- can I get a pass? I promise to answer as soon as I can.

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Why won't they stop this red stuff???

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Red Hulk was awsome, red she-hulk meh, but this.. Well Picard says it all.

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Maybe he's just in a red cloud, I mean he doesn't look distinctly red himself with the entire image being bathed in red, it could all be a trick!

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#7 Posted by Veshark (9321 posts) - - Show Bio have got to be kidding me. When I first saw that cover, I thought they just colored him red so it would fit the whole 'red color code' of the Thunderbolts team. But now we actually have a Red Leader?

Gahhh what next? Red Abomination? Red A-Bomb? Red Skaar?

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Red Christmas Ball on Green Background no16426

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So did Red Leader actually become a thing?

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Yeah what happened with this red leader? I know he was just shown in the Hulk comic. is he the same as the green leader? I wish they would stop with the red versions of characters.

Ive gotten used to them but I would be happyif they were gone. I like the idea of a tactical hulk but I don't like him being able to absorb energies.

I like Betty as a Hulk better but again the only Hulks I want around are Hulk, Skaar and Jen

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