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"Keep The World Moving" Leadbelly's original Motto.

Leadbelly used to be a thriving industrial town until the factories started closing up. Then everyone left and the town became almost completely abandoned. Luckily no one was there when a satellite fell from the sky and destroyed what was left leaving only ruins behind.

A few month later Enginehead and Metallo were fighting in New York and the two got this urge to go to Leadbelly, though niether knew why. Enginehead started heading that way but Metallo fought the urge. Meanwhile all over the country homeless and unwanted people started having the urge to travel to Leadbelly.

When everyone arrived in Leadbelly, Enginehead was mistakenly viewed as a villain and the Metal Men were called in. Enginehead convinced Tin that he was pulled to Leadbelly to help. But before Tin could convince the rest, the Justice League showed up and beat-up Enginehead. Then the human Bomb showed up and blow him up.

Instead of killing Enginehead, he melted into Leadbelly and reformed it from underneath. The Justice League tried to stop the homeless and unwanted who had shown up , from going inside, but it was no use and they declared Leadbelly as there new home.

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