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Le Jardin Noir is a secretive institute for mentally ill criminals in France. According to Batman, knowledge of the several if not all of the inmates is top secret. Known inmates include Korrigan, Sister Crystal, The Id, Skin Talker, Ray Man, Paradox, and The Son of Man. The exterior appear similar to Arkham, and what little is shown of the interior appears to be fancy and ornate, including roman statues, fancy columns, marble floors, and a red carpet in the entrance. The cells themselves appear much nicer than the ones in Arkham, very clean and furnished with a cot, mirror, wooden chair, small table, and even a medium sized dresser. The rooms are also soundproofed, and careful care is taken to suppress the powers of metahumans incarcerated there. Korrigan was gagged while being brought in, and Sister Crystal is forced to wear a special sleeve on her arm that can only be opened by her psychiatrist.

The first known breakout occurred shortly after, but was unrelated to, Korrigan's incarceration; when The Son of Man made his villainous debut, releasing Sister Crystal, The Id, Ray Man, and Skin Talker. The released inmates wreaked enough havoc upon Paris to have the area declared a disaster area but were eventually recaptured along with The Son of Man.

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