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Le Fanu was once a peasant girl in France during one of its revolutions. She was bitten by Dracula and made into a vampire. She became his favorite. Later, she hang out in Carmilla, a nightclub in Seattle, where vampires preyed on humans.


The names Le Fanu and Carmilla are a homage to Sheridan Le Fanu, an Irish writer in the 1800s, famed for his ghost, Gothic, and mystery stories (and author of a lesbian vampire tale called "Carmilla", which predates Dracula and was highly influential on Bram Stoker's work).

Major Story Arcs

Crown of Worms

Vampirella encountered Le Fanu when she entered the nightclub Carmilla in search of vampires. Vampirella took a bag of Le Fanu, much to the latter's dismay. It contained a small fragment of Yag-Ath Vermellus, a key to the dimension where it remained. Le Fanu desparately tried to get it back, fighting even against her former master Dracula, but in the end Vampirella, possessed by Yag-Ath Vermellus, killed Le Fanu for failing to be it's queen.

Powers and abilities

Le Fanu is a vampire -- one exhibiting strange abilities in the form of a mouth/tentacle structure on her right hand.

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