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 Le Décalogue its Frank Giroud's personal ambitious project. It deals with various matters: history, society, philosophy, religion, family... The idea was born from Giroud's wish to combine the style of a serial volume with one-shot issues. It tells ten independent stories linked between them by a book called Nahik that contains what can be called the Ten Commandments. The Nahik is transfered from one generation to the next, between families and through time. This characteristic gives Giroud the opportunity to critize various subjects, from islamic fundamentalism to the hypocrisy of The Vatican, and to recreate various historical moments, from the french revolution to the aftermath of war in Yugoslavia. It also gives the reader the freedom to choose which order to follow, from the first issue to the last (towards the past, to the origin of Nahik), the other way round (towards modern day) or without any order at all. The extra 11th issue explains the transitions of time and space during the volume.
 The ten issues plus the extra "11th Commandment" were published in less than three years, wich is extremely rare, if not absolutely unique, in french comic book industry. This was possible because each issue is drawned by a different penciller, giving them time to continue their particular projects simultaneously. This is another sample of Le Décalogue's originality, and it gives each issue a particular tone. Some people can't help mentioning the homonym work of filmmaker Krzisztof Kieslowski as an important inspiration, but Giroud denies it. 

Décalogue is an amazing writting accomplishment, a mysterious tribute to the history of humanity.

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