hancock89's Lazarus #4 - Family, Part Four review

Nothing short of amazing !!

Wow, what a good read, this issue didn't disappoint. Last month's issue and cliffhanger placed LAZARUS on top of my pull-list. We resume were we previously left, and see Forever Carlyle (and Joacquim) trying to recover from the vicious attack by her incestuous siblings, Jonah and Johanna, who aren't taking half measures in their efforts to dispose of their ''sister''. And over the past two issues Johanna proved to be the most manipulative one of the twins. After their attempts to kill Forever fails, she proceeds on faking her bruises with Mason's aid, thus avoiding repercussions by placing all the blame on her twin brother.

At the end of this issue Forever receives an anonymous email that reveals the secret her family has been ardently trying to hide from her, and although the message itself may lack details, it will certainly plant a seed of doubt in her mind that will prompt her to start asking questions. I'm looking forward to see her reaction when she confirms the veracity of that message. And it's clear that whoever sent the message wants the family to collapse from within, or at the very least, make Carlyle's Lazarus turn against them. And my money is on Jonah being the culprit, as this would benefit his agenda and better his odds.

This is another great book from Image Comics and a must-read, currently this publisher is on a level of its own with the quality of content their creative teams are releasing every month. The more time passes the less I find myself reading stuff from DC and Marvel, and that's in great part because of fantastic books like this one. Kudos to Rucka and Lark, keep up the good work! I'm here for the long run.

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