strider92's Lazarus #2 - Family, Part Two review

Family Matters

The Good:

This issue fleshed out the Carlyle family and how they view each other which was nice. The writing is still to a stellar standard and the art is still great. All in all this was a very good issue and a very good example of what Image is capable of when they take on creator owned comics. Hopefully they keep up this quality of work.

The Bad:

The only real complaint I have is that this issue seemed a little slow in comparison to the fact-paced 1st issue. However this is a minor complaint and given how this issue ended some sh*t is about to go down in the next one which will undoubtedly make up for it.


By far one of the best Image titles out there. Give it a shot!

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Posted by PunyParker

Good dude.....very good!

Posted by Wyldsong

Alright d@mn1t, you people keep making me add stuff to my pull list...I am supposed to be removing stuff...sheesh...I blame you Strider92...


Posted by Strider92

@wyldsong: Yeah i'm good at spending other peoples money :p

Posted by Wyldsong


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