strider92's Lazarus #1 - Family, Part One review


The Good:

This is one of the best beginnings to an ongoing i've read. It just thrust you straight into the dark dystopian world that is the Lazarus Universe. Rucka and Lark have created the perfect balance between story and action. The art courtesy of Mr. Lark is gorgeous and fits the style of series down to the ground. I have tried a lot of female lead books and few (with the exception of Aphrodite IX) have been able to hold my interest this one however has succeeded where even Wonder Woman failed. I am hooked on this and if Rucka and Lark keep up this caliber of work then i'll be ecstatic and my wallet will have to be stretched to accommodate this awesome title.

The Bad:

Nothing........for once I have nothing negative to say.......


If you have the spare money buy this issue! You will not be disappointed!

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Edited by laflux

Is this your replacement for Luther Strode within your Image pull list :D ?

Posted by Strider92

@laflux: Thou hast figured out my master plan!

Posted by Pokergeist

@laflux: Thou hast figured out my master plan!

Huh, I myself am so poor, I be lucky to pick up a new comic anything for the next few months, And I am trying to finish my 40K Comic collection first and formost.

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