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Jimmy: God, they should  
  have handled him more carefully. 
    Laurie: Who? 
      Jimmy: Michael Myers. 
        Laurie: Michael Myers? 
          Jimmy: Yeah, he's the guy who  
            was after you tonight,,,, 
              Laurie: You mean from the Myers House?  
                That little kid who killed his sister?  
                  But he's in a hospital somewhere! 
                    Jimmy: He escaped last night. 
                      Laurie: How do you know? 
                        Jimmy: It's all over the radio.  
                          Television too, it's on right now. 
                            Laurie: Why me? I mean, why ''me''? 
                                                                   - Halloween II (1981). 

Laurie in the Halloween franchise

 Laurie and Michael Myers
The young Laurie Strode was the survivor of the Halloween murders in 1978. The main target of the psycho killer Michael Myers and also his little sister.
Originally played by Jamie Lee Curtis in the horror films and by Scout Taylor-Compton in the Rob Zombie's Halloween.

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