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Laufey's origin is surrounded in mystery. Being a Frost Giant, he is a descendant of Ymir, the first Frost Giant. Laufey was later killed in a battle against Odin.


Laufey first appeared in Journey into Mystery #112 , by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby as part of their Tales of Asgard mini-stories. In the Marvel Universe Laufey is the father of Loki, but in Norse Mythology; Laufey is actually Loki's mother. Jack Kirby's design for Laufey shows him a large giant, bigger than Odin with Green and Brown body armour.

Character Evolution

Laufey remained the same for many years, until Olivier Coipel redesigned him to resemble his new design of Frost Giants, now with Blue Skin and wearing less armor. J. Michael Straczynski portrayed Laufey as an abusive father.

Major Story Arcs

Laufey was King of the Frost GIants until he was killed in a battle against Odin. Neither Laufey or Odin knew that the battle was actually part of a plan between Loki and his younger self, which would lead to Loki being adopted by Odin. Laufey actually survived his fight against Odin, but was killed by Loki via time travel as revenge for all the beatings Laufey had given his son. Loki found killing his father 'therapeutic. '

Powers and Abilities

Laufey was super strong and a skilled fighter. He also has the power to control the elements like ice and weather control, He also had great knowledge of Jormungrund; the land of the giants

Equipment and Weapons

Laufey was armed with a Club and Sword


When he is exposed on very high heat he will start to melt, but if he returns to Jotunheim where the temperature is very low he will start to regenerate

Other Media

Laufey Toy

Laufey appears in the 2011 Thor film played by Clom Feore. He attacked Earth with his giants but was stopped by the Asgardians, their Cask was taken from Jotunheim and his small son adopted by Odin. He and his giants lived in sadness for long until they were attacked by Thor and his friends but the battle was stopped by Odin. Later he helped Loki to invade Asgard but was killed by his own son when he was about to take revenge on Odin.

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