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Captain Lonnie Mcguire was Victor's former unit 6 partner in the C.I.A.. On a secret mission in Singapore, Mcguire went crazy, slaughtering many innocent women and children until he was captured and turned in by Victor. Darkk's technology was stolen by covert government agents posing as employees at Darkk's laboratories in what was once Springdale. In exchange for his freedom he under went extreme testing of Darkk's regenerating experiments. All evidence of this disappeared when the town was later destroyed. Lastic was the only supermonsters that was not created by Rhazes Darkk.  He was created in a Lab by a faction of the government as a weapon to combat the threat of Rhazes Darkk and his creations.When he was first relaeased from his lab he was sent after Esperanza. He was also sent after Victor (The Tenth) After confronting the pair Lastic throws Victor 15 stories resulting in massive blood loss which triggers the Tenth. Lastic calls Victor a disappointing challenge offers Victor the chance to attack him while his back is turned. As Lastic contorts his body, Victor grabs a water pipe from his surroundings. The Tenth returns to his human form due to Lastic temporarily sapping away his power, causing the pipe to fall on Victor. Zorina shoots him in the back only to witness Lastic expelling the bullets back at them. Esperanza then uses her powers to impale Lastic with pipes and cables, where he is left screaming at Victor to finish him off.


It was stated that lastic is like a scab, once it heals over it would grow stronger.  Every injury he got would heal and would not be as easy to damage next time. Rhazes Darkk has also made it so that he could twist reality, sapping Victor's power and changing him to human form (issue 2 1997).

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