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With new perception over the timestream, Yandroth discovered that the Defenders were "pivotal component of reality" but despite that he believed the team had never reached it's full potential. By travelling through time, Yandroth planted seeds within four heroes he chose that would lead them to ultimately joining what he believed would be the ideal Defenders line-up. His chosen team-mates matched the qualities of the original Defenders - a mystic sorcerer (Hellstorm), a muscular grean giant (She-Hulk), a sea dweller (Krang) and a strong leader (Nighthawk).

The team formed outside of Tony Stark's Initiative (the Defenders had previously acted under the Initiative) and were financed by the former Defender Kyle Richmond, who has been convinced by Yandroth that this would be the last and greatest Defenders

The team were disbanded during Dark Reign but later reformed during Shattered Heroes.

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