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New Authority

The super hero team the Authority had become a great weapon against all forms of evil, but this did not just stay towards fighting evil but also towards handling corruption especially on a government scale. Soon the seven most powerful and wealthy countries the G7 countries hatched a plan to stop the Authority from getting in the way of there business ever again. The chose to fight fire with fire and created a super being strong enough to beat the Authority. They created Seth and he did his job well. One by one he disabled the members of the Authority and captured them all save for Midnighter and Jenny Quantum. He fled the Carrier with the baby but Seth's bosses chose instead of just killing the Authority to let them live terrible lives and replace them with a super team they could control.

Don't call him gay
Last Call was a former F1 race car diver from Italy. He was recruited into becoming a member of the New Authority to take the place of Midnighter. Of course this meant he had powers like Midnighter but there was one difference between the two Last Call was a powerful homophobe and because of his position most people just always assumed he was gay. When the team found a large group of refugees that where allowed to live on the Carrier. However being the super jerks they where the New Authority just dumped the refugees out like trash, but this was their mistake. The place the refugees where dumped was called Re-Space it gave the group the power to rewrite the world and they chose to turn the New Authority into the old team and used their new powers to take the countries vast fortune. Last Call was turned into Midnighter but Teuton now Apollo touched him and doing so caused Last Call's original Homophobia to emerge. He was able to release the rest of the team from their power and the New Authority then put everything back to the way it was before.

The team as a whole even fought against a group of teenage SPBs from the future and killed them without any question. It was at this point that the new lives of the original team was revealed and this was also the time that Midnighter choose to strike. He was able to get himself back on the Carrier and just started to kill the New Authority members. Last Call was no different and he even tried to weasel his way out of fighting but died with the rest of his team after Apollo burned his head off with a heat vision blast.


Last Call's powers where based off of those of Midnighter. He too has incredible strength speed a healing factor plus battle enhancments.

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