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Lashina’s exact background is unknown, though as a member of the Female Furies, certain key elements are common to all. She was raised on Apokolips in the Orphanage of Granny Goodness, a torturous environment where only the strongest survive. As she proved herself a strong and versatile killer she was eventually chosen as a member of Granny Goodness’s elite squad of assassins known as the Female Furies. She was originally chosen as only a member, but after Big Barda fled from the group she was chosen as its leader.


She appeared for the first time in Mister Miracle #6 in 1972. She and the remainder of the Female Furies were introduced not only as antagonists to Mister Miracle and Big Barda, but also to their romantic relationship as Granny Goodness sought the two of them to be separated forever as punishment. She was created by Jack Kirby.

Character Evolution

In the silver and bronze age the character was portrayed somewhat one dimensionally, interested only in the downfall of Mister Miracle and Big Barda. Following Crisis on Infinite Earths, the majority of the DC Universe was relaunched, and although one of the least touched areas was that of the New Gods, many of the more obscure characters were re-introduced into the mainstream comic continuity. Especially after Legends when Mister Miracle joined the Justice League and when she joined the Suicide Squad. In the pages of the John Ostrander written Suicide Squad she had the most development as a character, as she took on the pseudonym Duchess and joined the Squad on its missions for a short time. She would later go back to being somewhat of a stock supervillain.

Major Story Arcs

As with the majority of the silver age, most of her early appearances had no real discernable story arcs. Although by this point in comic history the characters evolved over a series of issues and previous events were not largely forgotten (as opposed to the golden age), there was still not much of continuity between her appearances.

With her re-introduction in the pages of Suicide Squad in the 1980s, she was involved in story arcs for the first time. Her first appearance in issue #3 was a wrap-up issue for the Legends miniseries as the Female Furies are sent to Belle Reve prison to retrieve Glorious Godfrey. Bernadeth, long jealous of her role as leader of the Furies, arranged to have her kicked out of the Boom Tube at the last moment and she was thrown into the nearby swamps of Louisiana. As the Squad was later hunting Manhunters through the swamps during the events of Millennium they discovered her there and returned her to the prison after they had completed their mission. She had amnesia for a time and agreed to join the team on its mission under the name Duchess. Although she would later regain her memory she was clearly confused for a time as when the Squad confronted the Justice League she was unable to remember who Mister Miracle is. She would later regain her memory and plan her return to Apokolips to take back control of the Furies. She first took part in the events of the Janus Directive in which the Squad battled the forces of Kobra, but after its completion she decided to return. She acquired a boom tube by kidnapping Barda and abducted some of the stronger members of the Squad to aid her. Later the rest of the Squad traveled to stop her as they were transported to Apokolips by the Forever People. Multiple Squad members die as a result of this. She is subsequently able to kill Bernadeth in battle. Although Darkseid applauded her battle to take back the Furies, he nonetheless was displeased with her for presuming to alter the affairs of how Apokolips is run, and killed her with his Omega Beams.

As with anyone killed by Darkseid though, he is able to revive them (a caveat to this is that they are under his absolute control, but in the case of someone like Lashina or Bernadeth this is not an issue.) After being revived she was once again installed as the leader of the Female Furies. She shows up a few times afterwards as well, still trying as always to return Mister Miracle to Apokolips.

In the Hawkgirl story arc where she searches for Hath-Set she comes across the Female Furies who were in charge of a group of parademons that was searching for some stolen technology. The Furies eventually have to work alongside Hawkgirl in an unlikely partnership. She also later shows up in the Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle miniseries as a prostitute and dominatrix who has been sent by Darkseid to defeat Shilo Norman, and to stop him from freeing the first superhero of Earth, Aurakles.

During Our Worlds At War, Lashina leads Bernadeth, Stompa, and Mad Harriet on a mission to kill Harley Quinn. They are able to ambush Quinn but Jimmy Olsen helps Harley and the pair escape.

Granny Goodness was later able to reprogram Superman into think he is Darkseid’s son and that he controlled Lashina, the Furies and all the armies of Darkseid. It is insinuated that he and Lashina were romantically involved during this time, though he is later able to free himself from this control. Later when Darkseid is missing, a civil war erupts on Apokolips as Kanto and Virman Vunderbar attempt to gain power, while Granny Goodness and her Female Furies, await the return of their leader.

During the events of Final Crisis, Lashina retakes her human dominatrix form and is in charge of Darkseid’s underground fight club known as the Darkside Club. Here teenage metahumans are made to fight and Miss Martian and Rose Wilson break free of the club. The Anti-Life Equation later sweeps across Earth and many super heroines an villainesses are put under the power of Darkseid to form a new group of Female Furies. These include variety of characters including Wonder Woman and Catwoman, with Catwoman taking on the role of Lashina to a degree as both are skilled with whips.

Although the status of many of the Apokolips based characters was uncertain following the events of Final Crisis, since the reboot into the new 52 it seems as though their stories have also been rebooted, with a healthy and full power Darkseid being seen in the pages of Justice League. Presumably the remainder of his forces are also back to their baseline state.

Powers and Abilities

Lashina is a New God and thus contains the usual characteristics thereof including increased strength and endurance and invulnerability. She is also an expert in hand to hand combat. While not one of the absolute strongest characters, she is nonetheless quite powerful, at least able to fight with the likes of Supergirl and Wonder Woman, even if she cannot match their strength levels. She employs two specialized whips which are constructed of metal and which can discharge electricity to those trapped within them. She is also an expert with these whips and can do a variety of feats with them.

Other Media

She has appeared in occasion in a variety of animated series including Superman the Animated Series, Justice League Unlimited, and Brave and the Bold. She also appeared in the animated film Superman Batman: Apocalypse. She also appeared briefly in an episode of Smallville.

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