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Blinded by the light

High school student Larry Fredricks was returning home from a basketball game one night when he saw a UFO hovering over Potter's Field. When he approached to greet the aliens, they retreated in a blaze of light. Struck by the light, Larry was suddenly engulfed in flames, and he ran off in a panic. After dousing the flames in a nearby stream, he realized he was completely unharmed. With a bit of experimentation, Larry learned that he had gained powers over fire and light.

Deciding that it would be way cool to become an all out superhero he adopted the costumed identity of Laserfire and became a teenage hero. Having a few adventures under his belt the young hero was approched by Manta-Man who offered him formal training alongside other veteran heros and eventually being recruited into the Crusaders. Being a bit of a hothead he often gets himself into a situation on the field due to his cavalier approach. He also has an attraction to evergreen, almost becoming puppylove, watching her and being caught to his embarassment.

Larry enjoys the fame and action that he gets to have on the superhero scene while still dating as a teenager would trying to figure out what local university he will attend after graduation.

Powers and Abilities

Laserfire genetic DNA has been altered by the aliens now allowing him to surround his body with flames, allowing him to fly and shoot bolts of fire. He can also emit blinding flashes of light, or fire laser beams from his hands.

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