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Character History

Larvanaut was a member of the Suicide Squad and served alongside Killer Frost, Bolt, Putty, and Eliza. During his first and only mission with the Squad he was used as a tracker to find the Queen of a massive colony of advanced killer ants. In the first moments of their arrival Larvanaut was able to located their targets with his enhanced smelling sense; catching traces of folic acid in the air.

Larvanaut abandoned the rest of the Squad early on during the mission; however, none of the others seemed to bothered by it and continued to let him follow his own path.

In the end it turned out that Larvanaut had been the only Squad member to head towards their actual target, the ant queen, and was able to kill her to complete the mission.

Unfortunately he was dubbed 'expendable' and was quickly eaten alive by the rest of the ant colony. His skeletal remains are shown after the ants finished devouring him.


Laravnaut had bluish-purple skin and wore some sort of dark blue jumpsuit that covered most of his body. His hands were covered by large metal gauntlets that possibly enhanced his strength or gave him better grip; however, this is unknown.

He also wore some sort of device over his mouth - perhaps it was a gas filter or a requirement to help him survive in harsh conditions. His eyes also had a bright red appearance.

Powers & Abilities

Agility/Acrobatics - Larvanaut displayed a moderate level of agility/acrobatic skill as he maneuvered through the rough jungle terrain during his first and only SS mission.

Enhanced Sense of Smell - Early on upon the arrival of their mission destination Larvanaut was able to catch the scent of the killer ants he was hunting; more specifically, the ant queen. It is unknown if any of his other senses were enhanced.

Tracking - Combined with his sense of smell, Larvanaut displayed a high degree of tracking skill, and was able to locate the ant queen among a large colony of killer ants based only off of her scent.

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