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Larry is an original character from the Teen Titans animated series, who's first and only series appearance is in the season two episode Fractured. In the episode, robin braks his arm in chase of a villain named johnny Rancid and Larry's dimensional travel mishap lands him in the brooding heroes head.Larry then pops out of Robin's head and promptly introduces himself as Dick Grayson (spelled backwards) but Beast Boy suggests calling him Larry instead. In an effort to heal his hero up, Larry opens a dimensional portal and turns the entire city into something resembling a chidren's drawing come to life. in the end, larry succeds in healing Robin, but accidentally leaves him in a dimensional netherworld.

Larry appeared in several issues of the animated series spin-off comic, Teen titans Go!, including one where he turns the Titans into chibis, before turning them into completely two-dimensional constructs,and Titans inside joke parodies. it is called when Chibis attack.

Larry resembles a smaller version of robin, with buck teeth, and a high voice. He even wears a lowercase R on his uniform and insists at the beginning of fractured he is "Robin" (from another dimension). His real name is Nosyarg Kcid (dick grayson, the original robin) spelled backwards.


Larry is capable of interdimensional travel and reality warping on an universal scale seems effortless. He has a magic finger that he can use to do just about anything. He is capable of creating and manipulating size, shape and physical laws binding them. Example of this is where he creates a bike for Robin that can ride in the air.

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