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Sonic befriended him and helped him out of slump by having him tag along with the freedom fighters. His jinxes injured to the other freedom fighters. Due to the damage to the Freedom Fighters they were captured. He managed to redeem himself by learning to use his bad luck to free them. They allowed him to live in their village. When all the Freedom Fighters were captured he managed to mobilize and lead several people to make the substitute Freedom Fighters to rescue them. Although he formed the substitute Freedom Fighters he was not in later missions. During Sonic’s absence he fought alongside with Rotor but was badly hurt by accidental friendly fire he which resigned him out of the battlefield. He once tried to be member counsel of acorn but his ballot combusted in flames.

As he sulk his bad luck powers made him drop on the secret base where stumble on a secret team meeting. Harvey Who knowing of his abilities sees him as an asset and invited him to be member of the Secret Freedom Fighters.


he has low self-esteem is suffering from depression, since no one remembers his heroic deeds. he seeks purpose in his life and belonging

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