Will he make it into the revamp?

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With Green Lantern being all over the place with the movie coming out, I've been doing tons of research and reading into GL and the related characters therein.  One of the most fascinating characters I've read about is Larfleeze, so much so that I'd love to start reading arcs and one-shots that involve the Orange Lantern.

The problem I have is that, with the DC revamp looming, is Larfleeze even going to EXIST anymore?  I'd love to read about him, but not if he's just going to be phased out when the new DC Universe rolls around.  So I ask the more informed of the Comic Vine community; does anyone know, believe, or have any confirmation that Larfleeze exists in the DC revamp?  Even if you don't know, chime in with your feelings on the character and whether you'd like to see him after the revamp. 
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The GL corner of the DCu is pretty much intact after the reboot

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Yeah if there's going to be a Green Lantern book, a Red Lantern book and a book with a member from each corps I'm assuming Larfleeze will still be the head of the Orange Lanterns.

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Glomulus is in New Guardians, not Larfleeze : /


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