First Look: Larfleeze Christmas Special!

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In the most recent issue of Green Lantern, we saw Hector Hammond take control of the Orange power battery, so we were left wondering, what will happen to Larfleeze? Generally speaking, there has really only ever been one Agent Orange, that is of course until Blackest Night when Lex Luthor became one too. Many of you were probably left wondering, what will happen to Larfleeze? Will Hector Hammond be the new Agent Orange, or will we be seeing a new Orange Lantern team? Based on the teaser image which we first caught over at  DC's The Source blog, it looks like Larfleeze might be keeping the power of the Orange Lantern afterall! DC writer and fan favorite Geoff Johns will be helping DC celebrate the holiday season by penning Larfleeze's very own Christmas special, with art by Brett Booth and a truly gorgeous cover by Gene Ha
There's no one that wants more for Christmas than Larfleeze, and he'll stop at nothing to obtain everything Christmas related- including Santa Claus?! The holiday special will be hitting stores this December, just in time for Christmas! 
What do you guys think? Do you think we will see an Orange Lantern corps? Do you think Larfleeze will regain control of the Orange Power Battery? Are you looking forward to the Larfleeze Holiday special? Will you be picking up the issue?   
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Probably not but who knows.

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Call me stupid, but the latest Green Lantern issue had me cracking with Larfleeze's acting. Definitely looking forward to it.

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"You're a mean one, Mr. Larfleeze."
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I love Larfleeze, so yeah, I'm all over it.
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Larfleeze truly represents the Christmas spirit. But the cover is so good.

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Awesome. Geoff Johns was also joking about a Dex-Star Valentines Day book.

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Yeah, I'm buying this.
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Hahahahahaahhaa! this is awesome news.
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@Jake Fury: LMAO Maybe he won't be so happy if he gets a coal for being a bad boy.
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WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

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Hahahaha, Larfleeze is probably the only reason I still read Green Lantern.
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@Jake Fury: I admit he is very funny.
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Larfleeze and christmas seem like a perfect fit.  

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Such a great character. It just goes to show that all these different colour lanterns aren't as gimmicky as some think. Larfleeze could have his own solo series for gawds sake. 

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It could be good. Definitely sounds like a more light hearted feature.

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YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Been waiting for this for ages. "Sorry Larfleeze, no presents for you this year. You're on my naughty list!"

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this will be awesome!

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Fantastic! if it's anything like that GL issue this should be top stuff :)

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You heard it here first, Larfleeze will be to DC what Deadpool is to Marvel.

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@Dr. Detfink:
...somehow, I'm nearly inclined to agree with you 
it could happen
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Office Party!!!

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He's got booze and an AK.  Run for the f***ing hills!

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I love Larf.

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all i have to say is OMG cant wait for this it is going to be so awsome

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Sending Christmas with Larfleeze dressed up as Santa Claus! Sign me up!

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I always knew Larfleeze was adorable - now, here's the proof!   :D

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@Shadowdoggy said:
" "You're a mean one, Mr. Larfleeze." "
That is Hilarious cause he does look like an orange grinch. and if you look at Glomulus he has the one antler on his head plus looks like little Cindy Lou Who in the background behind larfleeze.
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@Shadowdoggy said:
""You're a mean one, Mr. Larfleeze." "

"Bah humbug!!"
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Larfleeze needs his own series, or at least a mini. DC MAKE THIS NOW!

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Will this be collected in any trade??

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