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Larfleeze the Traitor

I've never been a Green Lantern fan to be honest, they always seemed cool and all but I have never been urged to pick up a green lantern book since I consider Hal to be slightly annoying, and stewart to be slightly boring ( don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing on the characters, I'm simply saying that Personal preference wise, they do not really interest me). I wanted to read more on the Red Lanterns because to me utilizing rage was much more interesting than will-power, but due to the fact that the current Red lantern series is poorly written, I decided to avoid it; plus the only character I was interested in (Atrocitus), was terribly written and cast away, which instantly killed my fascination with the title. Now Larfreeze on the other hand seemed like something different and interesting, and it gained good ratings too. It also helps that the series is was still war in number count, meaning that it didn't require much catching up. I started reading this title without any expectations and I was pleasantly surprised.

One of the first things I noticed right away in the series is Larfreezes' character. The book knows, and shows that Larfeeze is meant to be a horrible person and an unlikable guy, but that's essentially what makes him interesting. In issue 1, I'll admit that at first I was a bit disheartened by his arrogant comments coped with the fact that he uses his name seven times in each sentence he utters, and it had gone to the point where the only thing that pulled me back was Stargrave, Lafreezes witty and sarcastic butler. As I kept reading however, the main character started to become cooler. There is no denying that Larfreeze is a selfish monster beyond comprehension, but that made me wonder, how did he get to this point? Even he admits that his origin could be a big fat lie, so the reader is still interested in what is next to come. It's funny and a bit hypocritical of me to call Hal Jorden annoying and then praise Larfreez for the exact same thing, but I have to give Giffen credit for that, since it's not easy to make an A-hole likable, because sometimes it comes off as if the writer is trying way to hard to make the character interesting while in reality he makes the guy even more annoying than he use to be. But that's not the case here, Giffen knows the type of protagonist he is portraying, and he is pretty blatant about it, but at the same time we get some character progression moments, such as we witnessed at the end of issue 5, where we see what type of a person Lafreez really was in his past. It's excellently done here.

Furthermore, the story-telling is pretty great to be honest, things could go south pretty quickly and it always feels organic and natural. The developments are pretty well executed here, and some pretty interesting characters are introduced in a way that doesn't make them feel forced into the series, which these days is pretty rare.The orange lanterns are pretty different from one another and you can still see the characteristics required to be an orange lantern in the first place. Moreover, The story isn't all that serious either , it balances humorous moments pretty well and gets intense when it has too, which makes the series not only fun but also very intriguing and captivating.

The art is fantastic, the visuals for me have been absolutely great. Part of the reason as to why this series is so great is the fact that the art fulfills every one of its required categories. The character designs are pretty cool, especially Dyrge of All Sorrows, her character looks not only scary but also insanely cool, which is what i'd expect for a Devin being to look like. The action sequences are breath taking and the battles are really memorable.

Overall, Larfeez is a really fun and interesting series with a lot of interesting characters. Larfeez himself isn't AMAZING, but he's unique, and Giffen seems to have a lot of plans for him as it would seem to me that some character developments is hinted. Overall, the series is very entertaining

Recommendation: yes!


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