Larfleeze #2

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The Good

Giffen and DeMatteis are back with their goofy wit -- or as it's noted in the credits, crazy cosmic mayhem (and a touch of neo-Vaudeville) -- and I want to give them a gold (or orange?) star for writing the most fun book in the New 52. There's a giant duel, in space, and for all of the giant punches and plasma-snares, it's background to the incredibly amusing exchanges between warring parties and their seconds.

I spy some Kirby krackle in Scott Kolins' space, and it's perfect for the tone of this book. The cartoon-like action and creative angles keep things visually on-point with Larfleeze's bombastic combat with the Laord of the Hunt, and some elements -- like the pile of to-be-taxidermied monsters, or Larfleeze's giant orange fist construct -- look just plain fun to draw. In my mind, Giffen, DeMatteis, Kolins, Atiyeh, and their editorial team just sit in a room, watching old Three Stooges episodes and giggling about how to make them happen in the context of a space-action comic.

Larfleeze's dialogue continues to make me giggle -- he tosses flippant "nopes" and "couldn't care lesses" at a gigantic space villain with perfect beats against the Laord's haughty "do you know who I ams" -- and the Laord is about a notch shy of Doctor Doom with his nobly villainous monologuing. The overly-formal Pulsar Stargrave plays a comical (if squeamish) foil to his boss, and would steal the show if he weren't so humble.

The Bad

Count hemorrhoid jokes among the things I could do without seeing in a comic. Butthurt Stargrave is an oversharer to an unnecessary degree.

The Verdict

I sincerely hope that LARFLEEZE keeps with its trend of being the fun book at DC. It's uplifting in its comedy, and doesn't short readers on action or rob Larfleeze of his identity. I've been hoping for a series with some of the lightness of older comics, and if it weren't for the obviously modern coloring style, I'd swear this book was straight out of the 70s (in a good way!).

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If Larfleeze Kills Laord, Laord becomes a Orange Lantern right?

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I'd swear this book was straight out of the 70s (in a good way!).

Couldn't agree more! Really strong issue. I really can't wait to see where they take this series.

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If Larfleeze Kills Laord, Laord becomes a Orange Lantern right?

Correct, but seeing as at the end of the first issue there is going to be a "Revolt of the Orange Lanterns" coming up, I can't believe it but im actually excited to see where that goes lol

This book is a surprise hit, I honestly thought this would be a bigger fail than "vibe"
this book definitely has a place for my tight pull list. It's also cool sometimes when a comic doesn't take itself to seriously, its almost as fi Larfleeze himself is writing this comic.

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@theshutup I agree with your, "Larfleeze is writing this comic" angle, I love how it's tonally consistent throughout, as otherwise the ludicrous nature of the comic might be off putting and just weird. Now, WHY do you think Vibe is a colossal "fail" I personally have been thoroughly enjoying the series, especially as of late as the art style has edged closer to a less realistic bombastic style. I just don't want there to be random piling on of Vibe since good books are already hard to come by, and, frankly I'm scared comments like that will scare away new readers. However, if you truly believe that Vibe is a colossal fail, then that is your opinion, and you have the right to share it.

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I'm really loving this book.

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After actually getting and reading the book, it got me really wondering how this is going to end in the next book? I really hope it ends nicely and sets up for the revolt in a nice way.

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