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Age: 60 he gets older more slowly than normal people

Height: 1.60m when he's normal, 2.80m when he stops eating

Weight: 80kg when he's normal

Hair color: brown

Eyes color: green

Background: he's mother is a dwarf and he's father a wizard

Profession: he's a trade miner, dosen't know how to write or read

Possitive traits: persuasive, good negotiator, has a good imagination

Negative traits: stingy, avaricious, collects things, he donsen't like people touching his things (his rock collection)


Lardea is small and stuffed, collects gems (then sell them to others, especially to Miron). He eats anything that finds, is unkempt and has a bad breath. He's ugly and quarreled with the soap. He's lazy, jovial, cheerful, tells jokes, make fun of Miron because it's an easy a target. He's quite clever, has extensive knowledge of geology, is the chef of the group. He likes to wear jewelry, dress loud (with no taste). He's resistant to poisons, he's the official taster of the group. Lardea is a womanizer, has succes with womens because he gives them gems. The best friend of him is Mîrza because they are complete togheter. Together they act like a couple argue and disagree, but when it comes to work as a team they do well.

He wants to find his father, to accumulate wealth and to return among dwarfs may even become their king.

At first, it's drew to Harap Alb because he wants to reach buckskin with gems,

then becomes friend with

Mîrza from him he's trying to learn to act like as noble,

but he's not very good at it and, in time, come to respect Harap Alb and become very loyal. He's

ashamed of Harap Alb because early in their relationship had dishonest intentions.

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