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Laraina was Queen of Martian Zoranthus (whatever that is) until deposed by her enemy Golak. She escaped and started recruiting an army of rebels to reclaim her throne. Her activities remained largely secret to escape Golak's watchful eye. 
She kept an eye for the activities of handsome racer Comet Pierce and fell in love with him from afar. At some point Pierce crash-landed on an isolated asteroid and left for dead. Laraina rushed to rescue him and slew the erpentine Horror" with her heat gun. She nursed Pierce back to health and then confronted him with a kiss, a confession of love and a present: a rocket engine able to travel at high speeds. She then left a confused Pierce behind without giving him her name or explaining her motivation.  
Pierce fell for the "gorgeous" woman and traveled the Slar System to locate her. He eventually located her on "icy Saturn" and volunteered to join her cause. The two became lovers.  


Laraina is a political and military leader. She uses a "heat gun" able to slay even giantic lifeforms  within seconds. She seems to be trained in marksmanship. She owns technology sufficient to make engines run at the speed of light. She was probably good at the espionage game and stealth approaches. 
Laraina's technology seems far more advanced than what was available to Comet Pierce and his rivals. Uncertain if this indicates that Martian Zoranthus was more advanced than Earth or she had a hand in creating this technology. 

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