Was her Top Cow series from the early 2000's any good?

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Within the past 10 years I've played nearly all the games (Notice how I didn't say that I beat the games, in fact the only one i beat was Legends), I own some of the action figures  (Yes, she had action figures) and I wanted to to get into her comics, the ones by Top Cow. I was wondering if they were any good before I spent money on them. I wanted to actually read her comics not just look at her because Adventure comics interest me more than superhero comics. Has anyone on here read them?

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I liked it...especially since it was set in the same universe as Witchblade and The Darkness

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I just went to the witchblade page, I can see why you liked it.
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I thoroughly enjoyed it. Great art (andy Park, Tony Daniel, Michael Turner... enough said), great writing, and great story lines. Lara was still Lara but she was a lot more than the steriotypical "pin up doll" some people see when they hear the name Lara Croft.    
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I really dug the story, only the first three kind of stories are in trade (as far as I know.) the endgame and tomb-raider witchblade crossovers were all solid. The art is solid same with the story. I also really like how they really brought the built the character, giving more origin and personality. I definitely suggest grabbing this storyline.

P.S I haven't finished it, only the first three stories (the trades) and the crossovers. But it's all solid.

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All I had was one of the Witchblade crossovers, they get knocked off a cliff, & Sara uses the Witchblade to grapple onto the cliff & makes a joke about Lara's large boobs making it easy for her to hold onto her.

Too bad she didnt make a return as someone searching for the 13 artifacts

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