Megan Fox Talks Tomb Raider

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Since sometime last year, Fox has endured rumors surrounding her and the prospect that she will be taking the reigns of the next Tomb Raider film. Tomb Raider, which started as a popular video game created by Eidos, was developed into a long standing comic book, and then shot onto the big screen. The first film, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider went on to gross $131 million domestically. I can see why Fox would feel that Jolie's are some pretty big shoes to fill! She stated that not only has the role not been offered to her, but that she also wouldn't dream of taking over the franchise.

Fox told a cluster of reporters, according to scifi wire that it's a complete rumor. No one has offered her the role of Lara Croft or even spoken to her about it. "I think that's a role that Angelina Jolie mastered, and I would never attempt to take that over from her," Fox said.

Somehow, I have a feeling that if they were planning on expounding on the franchise, that Fox would certainly be a good candidate for the next Lara Croft. No offense, but I don't personally think it takes an overwhelming amount of acting ability to play Lara, maybe it's just me. However, is Jolie really that old for the role? I don't think so. 

Let's end this article with a little bit of funny Megan Fox news, since we all love her so much! You may have seen the picture above floating around the internet of a boy, clearing attempting to hand Fox a rose, and she, blatantly blowing him off. In an interview with, Fox addresses the hilarious and somewhat sad photograph. Take a look. 


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I loooooooooove that flower picture.

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No No No... Megan Fox cant be Lara Croft... If Megan Fox is allowed to play Lara Croft... then Damnit I wanna see Shia Lebeouf as Dick Grayson aka Robin in the next Batman movie
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HAHA...she is such a liar!

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Y'know if she had just turned around then and there she would have fallen in love with the kid and they would live happily ever after. Damn the papparazzi!

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That. Is. Gold.

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I didn't even see the bOY with the flower in the picture untill i read the rest of the article, Guess that shows me where my eyes were goin, Hilarious picture though, Is she rumored to play every female part ever?

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One thing I have noticed about Megan Fox, the more she talks, the less I think she is attractive.

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.... I don't even know what to say anymore.

I feel like i'm repeating myself when I say that I truly, truly dislike megan fox. I don't see why people make such a big deal about her. Wait, I take that back its because people only care about they way she looks, other than her looks she's got nothing going for her. I don't see this great actress in her, but hey maybe I'll be shocked one day.

Fox + Croft = BAD

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@Tyler Starke: Dude if I was a producer in Hollywood I would cast her in every role imaginable just to be able to watch her run around. Can you imagine, "Clifford the Big Red Dog.... starring Megan Fox as Clifford."
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I feel sorry for flower boy.

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She's hott but i dont know about her having the lead role in a movie yet.

That kid is heart broken in that picture...LOL

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Lol, its moments like these that create Super Villains.

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@LastSon1027: hahahah I would see the crap out of that movie 

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@Tyler Starke: Oh man that is even better than I imagined. LOL! I'll even go a step further...

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@Tyler Starke said:
" @LastSon1027: hahahah I would see the crap out of that movie 
I declare that to be "MADE OF 100% PURE WINSAUCE AND OWN!"
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@Joe Venom: Dude your so right, One day not far from now this kid is gonna hold his entire school hostage because of this very picture. HAHAHAHA it's funny but it's not. LOL
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Damn shes hot ............

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@LastSon1027: lolololol We need to start the "official" megan fox's future roles thread
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@Tyler Starke: Hell man I'm so gonna do that.
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@Tyler Starke: Dude It is DONE! I gave you props for the idea too man. I can't wait to see what people come up with.
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Haha poor kid. Thats pure rejection right there.

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@LastSon1027 said:
" @Tyler Starke: Oh man that is even better than I imagined. LOL! I'll even go a step further...
This is the funniest thing I have seen all day
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Imagine a "Lara Croft" with a Marilyn Monroe tatoo!!!

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LOLOLOLOLOL.......................oh Man!!      Poor kid but man he's got BALLS.

Anyone notice the woman smiling between the rose and the body guards shoulder. Could that be his mom?

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@Babs: I'm glad I could brighten your day, Tyler Starke gave me the idea to start a thread for these you should check it out. Future Roles of Megan Fox
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I think AJ maybe has one left in her, but she isn't aging well, and isn't going to look young enough without CGI for much longer. MF would be an excellent replacement for the part.

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the flower boy is just so sad looking

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LOL LOL LOL she really seems upset about the little kid....rofllmmfao

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Aw come on!  Seriously!  WTF!  I keep hearing all this about Megan Fox wanting to do all these roles which is cool and all but the question remains, is she even that good of an actor?  I have not seen her in anything, except Transformers, and for her to try and taken on some of these roles, I'm just not sure she can hack it.
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Funny pic. But kinda sad... But funny. hehe.

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he's now a memeber of the trenchcoat mafia

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" One thing I have noticed about Megan Fox, the more she talks, the less I think she is attractive. "
Haha. Oh, man. Absolutely.

Poor flower boy. Poor, delusional flower boy...did he really think that would work?
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She aint all that... But better then Jolie by a country mile.

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Still...that's a funny pic!!!

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Thank god angelina jolie dont even look good no more

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I'm getting tired of Megan Fox quickly i'm seeing her name everywhhere AHHHH! Anyways the flower kid is hilarious

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Hell no. With all the young talent they have popping up please dont let MF be Croft

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Wow she really seems dumb and i laughed at almost every word she said in the interview and god she would not even let the dude talk

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It doesn't matter to me if Megan Fox is Lara Croft.This isn't a sacred role.Lara Croft is dead.I didn't care about her when Tomb Raider was hot and I don't now.Oh and i'm sick of people b#tching about Megan Fox.If you want a good Tomb Raider movie..there are some perfectly good ones with Angelina Jolie in them you can watch.


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