Maybe There Is Some Truth To Another Tomb Raider Movie

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I reported the posted the rumor that a Spanish site was saying that Lara Croft may be returning to the big screen and Megan Fox was a close contender for the role.  Today the Hollywood Reporter mentioned that Warner Bros. and producer Dan Lin are in the development stages of a new Tomb Raider movie. 

Read that last sentence again.  Warner Bros. is making it.  Paramount had released the first two movies.  It seems that Warners has acquired the rights when Time Warner raised its stake in Eidos to 19.2%.  Let's hope they had their lawyers carefully look at all the documents to make sure that Paramount can't sue them later and try claiming Lara is theirs.

The plan is to revamp the franchise.  There won't be any real ties to the original movies.  An actress will most likely be cast after they get a writer and director.

Now is the fun part.  Who do you think has what it takes to play Lara?
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Megan Fox would make one hottie Lara Croft, but can she do a British accent?

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Ellen Page would make an amazing Lara Croft.  Maybe she's not as endowed in the chesticle area, but who cares, she's totally wry, is a brunette and can act. 

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Red L.A.M.P. said:
Maybe she's not as endowed in the chesticle area
When in doubt, Use Chicken
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I assume you're talking about the chicken fillets?  Well, the Baroness won't use them so perhaps they're available.

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please... Do not make a new Tomb Raider movie... The games SUCK and the movies did SUCK BIG TIME.

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maybe if this movie's good I can give the comic a try hopes for Megan Fox

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Please.....Just because you can't do gymnastics and can carry gun like she does, doesn't mean that you have to criticize the game.  Storylines, guns, costumes, environments and cast is awesome. I am so sorry that you aren't smart enough to figure out the game yourself. May Tomb Raider Live Forever......

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 i never read the comics or played the game but the movies were really good so if they are coming out with another i would really like to see it

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Megan Fox as Lara Croft..... no

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