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Laodice and her people were under attack from a creature out of myth known as the Mushussu. She convinced some other youths to assist her in moving a sundial so that the shade struck symbols that formed a shield and she then became Bumper Carla. She defeated the beast and was declared favored by the gods by her people, made into their queen. Years later, she encounters and imprisons a man from another dimension who had been looking for her. One of her old friends who had gone on a journey about the globe, searching for scholars who knew the runes upon the sundial, which turned out to be fruitless, returned to meet up with her. However, their reunion was ruined by the sudden appearance of Bumper Carla who had managed to break into their dimension, blaming Laodice for all the deaths she couldn't stop when her powers abruptly disappeared. She kills Laodice.

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