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On the world of Troy, most humans have a single magic power. Each power is unique to the person and includes such diverse feats as walking on water, personal teleportation, and causing thirst in others. However, none can use their power unless in the close or remote presence of a sage of Eckmül, Troy's truest version of a studied magician.

Lanfeust is an orphan and an apprentice blacksmith who can heat metal at will. His adventure begins when he's asked to mend the sword of a passing aristocrat. When handling the sword's pommel, which was made of ivory from the Magohamoth, a legendary magical beast, Lanfeust gains the power to use any power known in Troy, more so without the presence of a sage. Nicolede, both the local sage and Lanfeust's future father-in-law, persuades Lanfeust to accompany him and his daughters C'ian and Cixi to the University of Magic in Eckmül in order to learn more about this phenomenon.

Among the many perils faced during their journey, they are ultimately confronted by Thanos, a pirate with the same potential as Lanfeust that will do whatever it takes to steal the ivory of the Magohamoth. Thanos succeeds in stealing the sword and rules Eckmül as a vicious Tyrant. Lanfeust is the only one who can defeat him, but he needs the magic of the Magohamoth, with his friends he travels around the planet Troy in search of the magical beast.

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