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Landmates are large exo-suits that allow the wearer to control it from the inside, it allows increased maneuverability and firepower, and most ESWAT members are trained in the area of using the Landmates. Just like any other weapon, the Landmates come in many different varieties to try and accommodate the many different mission types. 
But the basic for all Landmates are that they have a humanoid shape to them, two 'master' arms, two 'slave' arms and two legs. While the pilots arms fit into the 'master' arms, they conrol the slave arms, so that whatever the 'master' arms do, the 'slave' amrs do as well, hence the name 'master' and 'slave' arms. Even though they look very
 Landmate with a 'wing' camera
smiliar to most mech, their design is much smaller, and they have the ability to hold additional weapons with their 'master' arms as well. 
The cockpit of the Landmates also folders over the pilots head and torso, having him/her completely covered from any outside harm that can come to them while in battle. Even the 'matster' arms are covered in their own special outside armor to help reduce injury. So your probably wondering, how do the pilots of these machines see? Well its smiple, they have a holographic viewscreens, so the user can keep constant awareness of its entire surronding, while at the same time being fully covered by the armor. The main camera on the landmates is placed on the head of the robot (like eyes to a human) and the information is then sent down into the holographic viewscreens. But, on some landmate models, they also have subcameras on special 'wings' to see around tight corners.     
Another perk to having the more advance landmates are their ability to fly. The way this is accomplished is by having two anti-gravity apparatuses placed on the back of the robots, this allows the landmates to move forward, and they also have four jets on the thighs, allowing for left to right, circle and sideways motion, as well as up and down, similar to that of a helicopter. 

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