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Landar is an Axi-Tun, a race of people who isolated themselves from other races in the belief they are superior. After his father's death, Landar was placed as the leader of the Axi-Tun, but his position was taken from him by his brother Votan.
Landar sought to take control back of his people and could see how his brother manipulated the masses. He believed Votan to be impure of his race for hiring outsiders as mercenaries. He also knew his brother had been enhanced. There were a few who still remained loyal to Landar.
When the Star Masters came to arrest Votan for his crimes against other planets and peoples, Landar was able to help expose him to the people and they were able to break control of Votan's will. 
The planet was about to be destroyed by the Pharegot, and still Landar refused assistance from those 'inferior' to the Axi-Tun. The Pharegot were stopped and Landar was placed as the leader of his people once again. They still remain isolationists, but do not commit genocide as his brother had.

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