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Major Story Arcs

Lone Stranger

For more information see : Lone Stranger

While walking back to his make shift shelter in Hell's Kitchen, Lance is wearing his gas mask when he is approached by a group of kids. They plan on beating him up for being different, but that's when Daredevil shows up. Daredevil scares the bullies away and Lance takes him back to his shelter to talk. There Daredevil reveals that he is there to kill Bullet, but has changed his mind. Lance seems to like Daredevil and talks to him about how his dad could be gone for away.

Just then Bullet returns home and attacks Daredevil. The pair fight until Lance fires a single shot in the air to get their attention. He calms them both down and tells his dad about how Daredevil saved him and how the hero changed his mind about killing Bullet. Lance's level head is able to convince the two adults to leave without fighting any farther.

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