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Character Origin

Lance Szothstromael was the son of the deamon Szothstromael.  He was born looking completely human, but by his fifth birthday he was a full adult.  After his birth Szothstromael himself was banished to another dimension by Tiger King.  Lance however knew that he had four other half-siblings.  From an early age he and his siblings were mentally aware of each other.  As adults they sought each other out, and they worked to get their father out of the other dimension.
Things did not go well for Lance's brother Raphael as he was killed by his other brother Roger for disagreeing with him. After this Lance and the other siblings went on a killing spree with Valera trying to stay low as possible for her human side was stronger than Lance and the others.  The murders Lance and his siblings were undertaking attracted the attention of the Ghost, and Tiger King.  The two of them dispatched Lane and his siblings with a magical blade.  Only Valera was spared as she turned on her siblings and even help strike Roger down.

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