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Lance Harrower was obsessed with becoming a famous superhero. He fantasized about being able to socialize with world renowned heroes like Green Lantern and keeping himself and his wife, Alix, eternally young. Alix’s dreams, however, were more mundane. She supported her husband as he attempted to perfect his invention, “smartskin”. He had managed a successful test on a rat Alix nicknamed “Metal Mickey”. Unknown to his wife, Lance also had an internet affair with Sally Sonic, a british superheroine.

The smart skin worked by bonding to collagen in the skin, forming an indestructible shell and increasing the subject’s strength. While Alix could see potential military applications, Lance thought she lacked vision and wanted to become like the World War II superhero, Bulletman, who fought the Nazis with his wife.

Tragedy struck when Alix discovered that Lance had secretly used the "smartskin" on himself. His body was suffocating under the weight of his new skin. When Alix reached out to help him the "smartskin" began to bond to her. She telephoned for assistance and paramedics rushed the couple to hospital. Alix’s wedding ring had prevented the "smartskin" from covering her body entirely and the doctors managed to inject her bare skin with life saving drugs. Lance, however, was not wearing his and so the doctors were unable to inject him. He died in the Emergency Room.

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