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Lamprey was an original member of the Institute of Evil and battled the Squadron Supreme on several occasions. His behavior would be modified by a device created by Tom Thumb and would get elected to Squadron membership. Lamprey accompanied Tom Thumb to the 41st Century after he was diagnosed with cancer to search for a cure. Lamprey would return to villainy when new Squadron recruit named Haywire tricked him into going behavior remodification under device created by Master Menace. Lamprey would battle the Squadron Supreme alongside the Redeemers in attack upon Squadron City. Lamprey is killed when he tries to absorb too much energy from Dr. Spectrum's power prism and explodes.  

Powers & Abilities

Lamprey has the ability to absorb energy from other super-human beings and convert that energy to enhance his strength, speed, agility and other physical attributes. Lamprey has extensive experience at street fighting and had to leech energy from other beings through physical contact. He was granted one hour's worth of augmented powers for every second of contact with a super-human being. Lamprey is capable of flight if he absorbed the powers of a being with flying abilities.

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