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Laira was rigorously and strictly trained by her father to someday replace him as their sector's Green Lantern. Through his training, she became a master of their native martial arts and infused with a powerful sense of honor and tradition. Her father disappeared after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, and she was chosen by the Guardians as a potential replacement. On Oa, she was assigned to Ke'Haan for training. Rather than fail as many had under Ke'Haan's harsh brand of tutelage, she became his prized pupil. Some suspected she became even more than that, but while the feelings for each other were there, both were too honorable to act on them. 


Laira was created in the pages of Green Lantern Quarterly by Ruben Diaz and Travis Charest

Major Story Arcs

What Price Honor?   

At the end of her training, she was sent on a mission to take care of a tyrant on her homeworld known as the Golden Dragon. What she discovered was that the Golden Dragon was actually her father, who had not died as the Guardians told her. He was never pleased with the conduct of the ruling class of their planet, and when he returned from the Crisis, he acted on those beliefs with his ring in a similar way Sinestro had on Korugar. For this, he was expelled from the Green Lantern Corps but continued his efforts regardless, under a new identity. Laira refused to heed to her father's will and defeated him. She even refused to kill him as he requested of her, so he took his own life as honor dictated. She was angered with the Guardians for their deception, but she had completed their final test of her. She was now fully a Green Lantern. 

Emerald Twilight  

For further details: Emerald Twilight 
When Hal Jordan gave in to Parallax's influence and was on a rampage towards the Guardians and Oa, Laira was among those called in to stop him. Along with Ke'Haan, she engaged the renegade Green Lantern, but both she and Ke'Haan were defeated. Hal stripped her of her power ring and left her for dead. As far as most of the universe was concerned, Laira died there. 

Revenge of the Green Lanterns  

The truth was that she and other Green Lanterns left for dead by Hal Jordan were collected by the Manhunters and brought to their planet within the forbidden Sector 3601. She remained an unconscious captive there for years until a resurrected Hal Jordan came along with Guy Gardner to investigate the possibility that she and others were still alive. Hal Jordan freed them to help fight against the Manhunters, but as far as she and the others were concerned, no time had passed during their captivity and Hal was still a traitor. 
Laira and the other Lost Lanterns allowed that issue to be put aside to deal with the more pressing danger of Hank Henshaw and his planet full of Manhunters. They fought their way off the planet and returned to Oa, where the Lost Lanterns were welcomed back to the Corps. However, none were prepared to forgive Hal Jordan for what he had done. 

Sinestro Corps War  

For further details: Sinestro Corps War 
Laira fought on the front lines when the war with the newly founded Sinestro Corps was waged. She and her fellow Lost Lanterns traveled to Qward to rescue Ion and support the Earthmen. Laira broke off into a group with Ke'Haan, Hannu and Boodika with the specific objective to retrieve Ion from the Sinestro Corps. In the course of this, they encountered the Anti-Monitor. Laira could only watch as the being almost immediately incinerated Ke'Haan. 
Laira and the remaining Lost Lanterns completed their objective on Qward and returned Ion to Oa. On the way, she received the notification of the Green Lantern Corps new law. Lethal force had been authorized against the Sinestro Corps. 
Laira went to Earth with the rest of the Green Lanterns to engaged the Sinestro Corps head on. In her grief and rage over the death of Ke'Haan, she fully embraced the new law. It was said that she killed twice as many members of the Sinestro Corps than any other Green Lantern. 

The Alpha Lanterns  

In the aftermath of the war, Laira mourned Ke'Haan's death like no other and no longer held back the feelings she carried for him. She and the other Lost Lanterns were given permission by the Guardians to escort his remains back to his family. 
When they arrived on the planet Varva, they found in horror that Ke'Haan's whole family had been murdered and laid out for all to see under the burning insignia of the Sinestro Corps. The perpetrator of this crime, Amon Sur, had even remained at the scene to take credit for the deed and willingly turned himself in. Rather than accept his surrender, Laira murdered him in cold blood. 
Her actions called the new law regarding lethal force into great question, as even her own fellow Lost Lanterns felt what she had done has murder. Laira saw no problem with what she had done and wanted no part of the others' judgment of her. She fled an attempt to place her into a sciencell but was stopped by the Alpha Lanterns, a branch of the Green Lantern Corps that had just been created to deal with issues just like hers. She was put on trial for her actions on Varva and found of skewing the purpose of the new law to commit murder. Boodika, former Lost Lantern and now Alpha Lantern, personally stripped her of her Green Lantern badge and ring. 

Rage of the Red Lanterns  

For further details: Rage of the Red Lanterns 
Laira felt dishonored and betrayed by the results of her trial. She was escorted in Hannu's ship off of Oa to return her to her homeworld, and he tried to reassure her that there was still hope of returning to the Green Lantern Corps. She was too angry to listen to him, telling him that she didn't need the Guardians or their power rings. This wouldn't stop her vengeance against the Sinestro Corps for all that had happened to Ke'Haan, his family and her loss of honor. 
This is when it came for her. A red power ring crashed into Hannu's ship, tearing it apart. It told Laira that she had great rage in her heart and set itself on her finger, transforming her into a Red Lantern before Hannu's eyes. 
She traveled to Ysmault, now the homeworld of the Red Lantern Corps, to be fully inducted to the Corps along with its other chosen ringbearers. Many of her fellow Red Lanterns were like her, burning with rage against the Sinestro Corps. She was overcome with the red spectrum of hate. She went along with her new leader, Atrocitus, and the rest of the Red Lanterns to intercept the Green Lanterns taking Sinestro home ot Korugar to face a public execution. The Red Lanterns sought to execute him themselves on Ysmault. Laira and her fellow Red Lanterns arrived to find members of the Sinestro Corps had already ambushed the Green Lanterns. It didn't matter. The Red Lanterns tore through both corps to get to Sinestro, and when confronted by Hal Jordan, Laira unleashed the burning fury of her new ring on him. 
Enraged Beyond Reason
The Red Lanterns succeeded and brought Sinestro back to Ysmault, crucifying him. Still overcome by rage, Laira had to be thrown away from Sinestro by Atrocitus to keep her from killing him herself. His blood was to be her leader's and not hers. 
When Hal Jordan arrived on Ysmault to retrieve Sinestro, Laira was part of the ambush that captured him. She stood by while Atrocitus spoke to Jordan, reminding him of how he gave in to Parallax and left Laira to die. Then, Atrocitus gave Jordan to Laira to kill. Before she could act, members of the Sinestro Corps attacked her and the other Red Lanterns to free Sinestro. Two Blue Lanterns also arrived, freeing Jordan. She tackled him to the ground before he could get far, and he tried to reach her with his words, telling her he wouldn't let her get lost again like before. He tried to have his ring remove her red ring only to be informed that doing so would be fatal to her. 
Death by Sinestro
But Jordan did manage to reach her. Laira stopped herself from trying to kill him, gaining enough control of herself to ask for help. A moment later, Sinestro struck her from behind with a fatal blast of energy. She died in Hal Jordan's arms as Sinestro looked on. Her death pushed Jordan over the edge, causing him to give into his rage against Sinestro and become a Red Lantern himself. 

Blackest Night  

For further details: Blackest Night
Laira Rises
The Lost Lanterns accompanied the Alpha Lanterns on a mission to bring down the Red Lantern Corps on Ysmault, but the Lost Lanterns had another agenda. They wanted to recover Laira's body so that it could be given a proper burial. As the battle progressed, Graf Toren and Tomar Tu were successful in reaching Laira's corpse. However, as this was happening, a swarm of black power rings descended upon Ysmault. A ring found its way onto Laira's hand, and she reanimated as a Black Lantern, attacking Graf and Tomar.

Powers and Abilities

During her life, Laira wielded the power of a Green Lantern ring and later the ring of a Red Lantern. She was known for never looking at her target when she struck, so that her attacks could never be predicted and defended against. She was a highly proficient martial artist and utilized the power of her ring like an extension of her own body.   


Green Lantern: Emerald Knights  
She participates during the main storyline as she battles against Krona. As the Green Lanterns are waiting for the start of the battle; Hal tells a sub plot about Laira to Arisia, a rookie who Hal is doing her rookie orientation. Later, Laira rescues Hal Jordan and Arisia from the attack of the shadow shield that is protecting Krona during his raising from the Sun.   
In this sub-plot into the main story, Laira responds to an attack to her home planet. Her people is losing the battle. The Green Lanter for that sector arrives to help them but he dies during the scuffle. As a result, the ring choose her to carry on as a new Green Lantern. Her first instinct calls for help from the other green lanterns. As a result her home is safe from the invasion after reinforments arrived. However, her father is really disappointed that she asked for help from the Green Lanterns. She did not let him defend his people or die trying. She left to begin her training. In her first mission alone, she had to return as mediator because her people were responsible for the massacre of their remaining enemies. 
As she arrived, her Mother in law battle her but she manages to break her armor to defeat her. Laira advances to the palace where her brother is waiting for her to face her. He has the the ability to make himself invisible. He comments about his abilities to hide and points out her inability to find him in the past when they were kids. They also discuss why he is on his father's crusade and from his point of view she betrayed her family. 
As the battle progress, she is able to overcome him as well by using the green light energy to make him visible. She is also able to break his armor as well. The Golden Dragon is a race of warriors who use a golden armor to protect themselves against enemies. After the armor is damaged, they are not as strong opponents. She advances into her old room where she finds memories of her past life there. In the place, Laira and her father talk to explain how they feel about the situation. He doesn’t see any peacefully solution. He wears  his armor and prepares to face in combat. It's the only way to regain his honor. She explains her point of view but since there is no compromise. They battle against each other, even they love eachother as father and daughter.

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