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Laia is one of the first Secundae to refuse Seahn's offer in joining his rebellion and over throw Pyrem, leader of the First of House Dexter. Laia ultimately attempts to flee from Seahn, however, he disrupts her teleportation ability, causing her to use her advanced power of flight. However she is plucked from the sky by one of Seahn's earthly creations before she is beaten to death. Laia's body is then shown to other Secundae who attempt to refuse Seahn's offer as well. This causes many to agree to Seahn's plan, as death is almost unheard of in this society. Laia's body and spirit is eventually returned to the 'all' when Wyture releases it back into the universe out of respect. Laia's name is derived from the word flight and governs not only her personality, but her preferred power choice as well.

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