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It was never revealed what brought Michael Reese to become the Ladykiller, but one of his first victims would be Becky Blake, whom he assaulted back when she was a student at Harvard while she was working towards her law degree. When Becky managed to remove Reese's mask, he beat her savagely and ended up making her unable to use her legs. Despite having seen his face, Becky told the police that she didn't remember who assaulted her, desperately wanting to forget the incident.


Ladykiller was created by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson in 1982, and first appeared in Daredevil #173.

Major Story Arc

Daredevil...Goes Berserk

Three years after the incident with Becky Blake, Reese continued to assault women, this time in New York. 
Melvin Potter, the former Gladiator, ended up being arrested for the assaults, as he fit the description of the attacker and he'd also been in the area at the time of the crimes. As Matt Murdock, Daredevil visited Potter in prison with Becky, his legal assistant. Becky fainted at the sight of Potter, mistaking him for Reese.
Murdock managed to postpone Potter's trail for his crimes as Gladiator until his accusations of being the Ladykiller could be resolved. Potter ended up breaking out of prison in order to go after Reese and clear his name, but Murdock was able to convince him to turn himself back in and let the proper authorities handle the matter. 
In an attempt to further frame Potter, Reese broke into the apartment of Betsy Beatty (Potter's parole officer). Betsy was able to fight back against Reese with the use of a fire extinguisher and a kitchen fire, causing him to flee when the neighbors came to investigate. 
Daredevil managed to track Reese to a bar, but ended up being overpowered by several of Reese's allies, who held him down while Reese beat him. Daredevil eventually broke free, taking Reese down and unmasking him. 
Reese was arrested, but it appeared that he might go free due to there not having been enough evidence against him since he always wore a mask. Murdock was able to convince Becky to testify against him. 

Powers and Abilities

Reese was a large, powerful man and a savage fighter; he was however, not superhuman. 
He was a misogynist who saw women as bad and in need of punishment. He preferred to assault women who couldn't fight back.

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