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A cruel, quick-tempered aristocrat who possesses considerable elemental powers, Lady Zand is believed to be the founder of the tiny Baltic island nation of Zandia - which, if true, would make her more than 800 years old!

In modern times, Zandia has become notorious as a secret haven for on the run super-villains. It is also home to the worldwide Church of Blood, a sinister organization that is based upon Lady Zand's ruthless philosophy that might equals right.

In recent years, Lady Zand has made concerted efforts to boost Zandia's profile and improve its standing in the world. She has even sent a small team of athletes to compete in the Olympic Games.

Lady Zand vs Young Justice
When angered, Lady Zand possesses an extraordinary ability: She can literally become "the soil of ther homeworld", transoforming herself into a towering figure made of rock and earth.

She demonstrated this ability to great effect in a spetacular battle with the heroes of Young Justice.

Times after fight against Young Justice, while she was trying steal some of the artifacts in the sample at the Great Britain Archaeological Conference, in London, Solstice and Wonder Girl, joining forces, have prevented her acts, but the thief escaped.

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