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Super-Skrull convinced her to marry Ward Meachum, his human ally, in order to seal their political alliance to each other. Ward was at first eager to marry a beauty. However he later doubted what was beautiful by Skrull standards. He betrayed Super-Skrull and lost his life in the process. Tenelle was left mourning for both males. 

Powers & Abilities

Tenelle had the shape-shifting abilities of an average Skrull. She could assume the shape of another person or object but was limited in the distribution of mass required for the transformation. She could not assume the form of someone with twice her own mass or with less a 3/4 of her mass. The Skrulls live longer than humans, average age of death being 210 years. An average Skrull is about as strong as an average Earth human being of the same physical age, height, and build who engages in the same amount of exercise.    

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