Exclusive First Look and Review: Lady Mechanika Strikes Again With Second Issue

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After six months, Aspen is finally ready for the release of the second issue of Lady Mechanika. The question is, was it worth the wait? We reviewed the book early to help you determine whether or not you want to purchase this issue. Also, be sure to check out six exclusive preview pages of Lady Mechanika #2 below!

The Good

Lady Mechanika makes her return with the self-titled second issue of Lady Mechanika, a steam punk tale published by Aspen MLT. More than anything, Joe Benitez is known for his incredible artistic ability. Benitez has an unparalleled and incredibly unique style -- one that is rivaled by many artists and his work on the second issue of Lady Mechanika is, without question, breathtaking.

== TEASER ==

It's obvious that more than anything Benitez strives to ensure that the art is perfect, and while his Lady Mechanika may not be a realistic interpretation of the female anatomy, she's certainly nice to look at. Benitez is also setting up Lady Mechanika's adversary to be a very elusive and mysterious character, something that will definitely keep the reader interested.

The Bad

Unfortunately, the second issue of Lady Mechanika is lacking some structure. Following a six month hiatus you would think that the writer would include a preface that would catch the reader up on the events that took place in the previous issue. This is something that many publishers do very briefly by adding a blurb to give the reader some context. Benitez chose instead to include some relatively obscure narration which does not (at least at first) aid in the understanding of the story's events.

There is a scene within the first few pages of the issue where we are re-introduced to a character who appeared briefly in the first issue. A discussion ensues between Lady Mechanika and this other woman and the two prepare to spar -- yet, that's where it ends. This scene would have been a perfect opportunity for the artist to display Lady Mechanika's unparalleled physical abilities as a fighter and heroine. If she is the best gunslinger in all of England, I would have liked to see that. Her amazing abilities are only spoken about and (unfortunately) take place entirely off panel. While this issue is definitely very pretty, it still doesn't compare to the many scenes we saw meticulously illustrated in the previous issue. Benitez went with a lot of pretty pin-up poses instead of fully detailing the backdrop of his panels.

The Verdict

Is it worth your $2.99? I think it's safe to say that Lady Mechanika is a property that definitely piqued the interest of many comic fans because it is indeed so different from so much of what we see out in the market today. Joe Benitez's attention to detail might also be his greatest curse, and his struggle for perfection might lead him to lose fans if issues continue to be released once every six months. So has the book lost it's steam? Unfortunately, yes. This second issue did not feel cohesive to the previous issue; probably partially because the reader isn't reintroduced to the story's characters and events -- they are just thrown into it.

The reader is also very briefly introduced to a new set of characters; something that happens very quickly toward the end of the book. This introduction happens too fast and feels erratic, almost out of place from the rest of the story. A little bit of dialogue explaining what is happening would have been beneficial in these scenes. It's still gorgeous, I can't deny that. So to answer the previous question about whether or not this book is worth the purchase, I say yes. It's certainly different from any other title in our highly over-saturated superhero market, and it's a property that, I believe, holds a lot of promise. It's still an interesting story and the mysteriousness of the Lady is certainly a characteristic that will make you want to continue reading. My only advice to the writer would be to be more clear. Remind the reader of what's going on, add narrative that will make the transitions from one scene to the next less jarring, and maybe get a little help getting this book out sooner and on a more consistent basis.

Lady Mechanika is created, written and penciled by Joe Benitez, colored by Peter Steigerwald and lettered by Josh Reed. If you are interested in purchasing this issue, make sure to order the book at your local comic shop. Lady Mechanika #2 hits stores on July 13th, 2011.

You can read our review of the first issue here.

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Aspen really needs to work on these long layovers between issues. Every time pic up an issue of Fathom and Mindfield I have to review past issues to know whats going on, which makes it hard to maintain interest in their titles.
#2 Posted by Mumbles (858 posts) - - Show Bio

about time. love joe benz work. still would wait another 6 months though for issue 3.

#3 Posted by MrUnknown (1727 posts) - - Show Bio

Cover looks awesome!

#4 Posted by WickedJester (2 posts) - - Show Bio

WHOOOOOOOO - HOOOOOOOOO! Yay! Yay! Yay! Preordering TIME! :-)

#5 Posted by Ruvik_ (1553 posts) - - Show Bio

took a long time
#6 Posted by fenixREVOLUTION (921 posts) - - Show Bio

Glad to see this is finally coming out, it's been a while, can't believe it's been 6 months.

@Nuec_Sol: I believe he had a death in the family and since he does the art and writing, it set the book back a good deal, not so much Aspen's fault on this one.

#7 Edited by B'Town (2369 posts) - - Show Bio

Even if it has lost some steam... I'm on board. I have kept this on my pull list and my store will have it waiting for me and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

Still, looks absolutely GORGEOUS!

Thanks Sara.


#8 Posted by Danial79 (2515 posts) - - Show Bio

6 months between issues!?! That would definitely put me off buying this comic :/

#9 Edited by Pizawle (1080 posts) - - Show Bio

The wait has been long, indeed. But it looks better than ever. I'll be picking this issue up and hoping the third is no more than three months out. Baby steps.

#10 Posted by shawn87 (2796 posts) - - Show Bio

The artwork is amazing

#11 Posted by Xenozoic Shaman (422 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope they do a TPB or HC release of this series some day.  I may not have funds now, but I'll be watching this one.

#12 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

Love this series, if only they could get their shit together and release it on a regular basis. 
Definitely gonna pick it up!

#13 Posted by B'Town (2369 posts) - - Show Bio

@Xenozoic Shaman said:

I hope they do a TPB or HC release of this series some day. I may not have funds now, but I'll be watching this one.

Oh YES. This would be a beautiful book. I'd get HC. I'll be watching for it too.

#14 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

Reminds me of Caitlyn from League of Legends  
#15 Posted by buhssuht (15 posts) - - Show Bio

as much as i would like to read something new, i dont i can handle the whole 1 issue per 6 month.

#16 Posted by Squares (8661 posts) - - Show Bio

Why do comic book characters always get the best clothing?

#17 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6959 posts) - - Show Bio

Aspen's steampunk comics really are second to none, and this is absolutely superior.

#18 Posted by uroboros (144 posts) - - Show Bio

He actually had someone close to him pass away, which is why it took so long..not so much that he or Aspen were taking their times with it..I believe he also got badly ill just after the death as well..
Even waiting six months I will love this..I read 0 and 1 about once a month while I waited..I really do adore this series..
@ImperiousRix said:

Love this series, if only they could get their shit together and release it on a regular basis. Definitely gonna pick it up!
@Danial79 said:

6 months between issues!?! That would definitely put me off buying this comic :/

He's said that he hopes to pick up the release schedule now that his life is calming down again.
#19 Posted by .Mistress Redhead. (26668 posts) - - Show Bio

@Squares said:

Why do comic book characters always get the best clothing?

ha ha so true!! I thought the same checking out her outfits!

#20 Posted by IrishX (2694 posts) - - Show Bio
I guess this makes my topic on Lady Mechanika #2 pointless now lol. I did want to mention again that Aspen is suppose to be releasing a combo of issues #0 and #1 also.
#21 Posted by TheBuck (109 posts) - - Show Bio

Bout damn time but I will only believe it once its in my box.

#23 Posted by Wolverine0628 (442 posts) - - Show Bio

Hmmm.  I've never read it, but now I'm interested.
#24 Posted by frogjitsu (493 posts) - - Show Bio

6 moths is way to frickin' long.  If the creators can't get the comic out on a regular schedule, why not just release the story as a Graphic Novel instead?  It'd be so much easier to follow.

#25 Posted by keith71_98 (656 posts) - - Show Bio

To my shame I have no knowledge of this series but it looks very intriguing.
#26 Posted by antwane (4 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't wait for this. Been waiting way to long for this. Great art again.

#27 Posted by SC (14359 posts) - - Show Bio


#28 Posted by Eyz (3184 posts) - - Show Bio

Looking like a fun and exciting book!

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